5 families


“5 Families” is a casino slot game from New York City based in the borough of Manhattan. The game was launched in November of 1992 and is played in two sessions, the first on Monday night and the second one on Wednesday night. Each session is approximately forty-five minutes long, with a maximum of one hour allotted for play. The game is initially set up so that each player receives a fixed amount of chips, equal to the maximum number of players for that session. Players are then placed in “houses” or rows, where they compete with each other to get their hands on as many chips as possible while playing the game.

In order to win the game, you need to be able to identify which family is your best bet, by comparing it with all the other families in the same row. The aim is to eliminate all your opponents before reaching the final table. As you may have noticed, the game consists of a series of patterns which are usually not very clear, making it more difficult to identify the best strategies. However, a basic understanding of the basic structure of the “5 families” slot game can make you a quick winner.

This casino game has two different variations, namely “red tiger” and “bobcat”, which can be programmed differently according to your needs. The first variation involves a special icon that flashes once when any family in your row is removed, and another icon, called the “red tiger”, which never flashes when any family is eliminated. The second version of the game has “bobcats” which always flash when a family is removed from the row. There is also a special casino mode, which makes this game more challenging and interesting.

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