Aurum codex


The Aurum Codex is a slot machine that is based on the world “Aurora” from the Looney Tunes film. This particular slot machine is one of many in the franchise. It was the first one released and is also one of the most popular ones out there. The movie has made this machine extremely popular. It is a classic cartoon-style machine and has a lot of nostalgia associated with it. The machine offers the same jackpots that other machines of this type offer as well.

What sets the aurum codex slot machine apart from other slot games is that you do not always get a payout of the same amount each time. Instead, it pays a set amount for each spin. It is a game of chance more than anything else. The Aurum codex pays out a certain amount each time and you can only get this certain amount per spin. If you don’t know how to win, then you will be very discouraged with this game. The slot machine pays off big here though.

The basic mechanics behind the aurum codex machine is that you are to match up three symbols on the reels. These symbols are red, blue, and yellow in color. These represent the top, bottom, and middle of the spinning reel. When these symbols touch the starting line of the machine, then you would have won.

This is where the real fun comes in because of the bonus features that this slot machine offers. Some of these bonuses can make your winnings double. Some of the bonuses in this slot are the medieval music that plays when you place your coins in the jackpot, the win limit bonus, and the medieval theme that show up when the reels are spinning. In addition to these, the medieval symbol displayed on the jackpot also plays a part in the bonus features of this slot machine.

When you place your coins in the jackpot, the music stops and the symbols on the reels to move a little faster. If you have matched all five of the symbols, then you will win. In the case where there aren’t any symbols on the reels, then it will play the music again but this time, there will be one symbol in place of the missing symbols. In this case, you win again per spin. What makes this game so much fun is that you gain money for every symbol that matches on all five of the reels. That’s a lot of free money!

You can get a great idea about how to win from the bonus features of the aurum codex rtp. If you haven’t played the game before, then the tutorial mode will be very beneficial for you. You can actually learn how to play the reels using the map interface. This is because the symbols used on the reels change depending on the symbol that is currently on the reel. You can learn how to identify the symbols easily with the help of the video tutorials. You can play these tutorials as many times as you want so that you can perfect your skills.

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