Rainbow 3×3


There is no doubt that if you are playing Rainbow 3×3 at home, it would be very challenging and fun. It’s very unique design is one of the reasons why people enjoy this casino slot machine. However, you should know that the challenge and fun do not only come from its appearance but also from its reels, payout rates, and winning amounts. Below are some of the tips on how to beat this slot machine.

– As you walk near the machine, look closely to see which of the two reels is spinning. If you notice that the reels are spinning too slowly, then there are high chances that the jackpot is not big. You should also make sure that the lines on the reel are straight and horizontal. This is very important because if it is not aligned, then you might have a hard time winning. And since this slot machine has two independent reels, then there is also a big possibility that you will have problems in winning even if you win once.

– Check out if there are power points near the machine. These points are invisible balls or icons, but they are usually placed in the area where you can view the reels. If there are power points, then the odds of winning are increased. You should try to find these power points as you walk near the machine because you might get a hint as to when the jackpot will be coming out. It would be best if you could wait for the icon to appear on your screen instead of trying to predict when the jackpot will appear because if you do so, then you might miss it and lose money.

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